Modernization is the procedure of change within the sectors of the

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 economy, politics and social structures. These adjustments displays the motion of societies from a traditional level to a greater current segment.

How does modernization arise?

Modernization occurs through:

1. Colonialism: that is an critical motive for modernization. The Indian colonial master introduced the English language which became the first signal of modernization. Visit :- อาหารคลีน

2. Migration: this is additionally a reason for modernization. This can in particular be illustrated by way of the migration of Europeans to the colonies within the 18th and nineteenth centuries.

Aspects of modernization

The following points are the primary factors of modernization:

1. The contemporary manner of residing: this takes place whilst the old manner of dwelling modifications into a contemporary manner. Example alternative of mat with a dining desk or replacement of pitcher with a water cooler.

2. Changes in house: for the consolation of living, some humans modified their house from wood huts to houses made with bricks.

Three. Mass media: A communicate thru narration has now being replaced through newspapers and internet.

Four. Urbanization: The home migration to towns or city areas from rural areas. Example: Just after the independence of Pakistan, 87% populace was residing in villages and 12% become in cities. But presently 68% lives rural ares and 32 % may be discovered in urban regions. This is one of the essential characteristics of modernization.

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