Jose Mourinho is sort of sure to be crowned the new king

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of the Santiago Bernabeu inside the next few days if no longer hours. He changed into king of the Bernabeu on Saturday with Inter, however its now looking probable he may be returned shortly as Real Madrid’s new manager. Mourinho stated after the healthy that it become almost sincerely his ultimate in shape with Inter, that he would be sad to go away and that Inter would be his residence. He now has 2 homes, Stamford Bridge and San Siro and could now attempt to build a residence on the Bernabeu. With the contract this is on offer of a stated £eight.5 million a year he need to have the ability to shop for some thing quality if matters do not work out. Visit :- วงการฟุตบอล

Master tactician Mourinho placed his magic to paintings once more on Saturday nighttime while his group confronted Bayern Munich within the Champions League very last. For a group that best had about a 3rd of the possession of the game he controlled to lead them to the team that deserved to win. Bayern wherein shorn of all functionality or slicing edge with the aid of an first-rate and disciplined protecting display. Add to this a rapier area counter attacking capacity and you will see how he became able to triumph over Chelsea and Barcelona in preceding rounds. Diego Milito scored  goals from  possibilities and the rest as they say is history. Bayern failed to look capable of scoring at 1-zero down by no means thoughts 2-0 and regardless of their a long way advanced possession they were not able to do some thing with it. So it’s onwards and upwards for Jose and in all likelihood a number of his ex players who he’ll try and lure to Madrid with him. Beware Chelsea and Inter you could have your teams cleared out come early August. Mind you watch out each person because King Jose is about to experience into city and whilst he does he may have a very fat cheque e book to lure a number of the video games largest names. That’s on pinnacle of the list of footballing princes which are already there.

King Jose has been laying down the law already pronouncing that the team could be picked by the manager, and the subs and all people else from the tea girl up if that’s what King Jose needs. No interference from membership presidents or the like. Somehow I think the King might simply win that one. Whether the Madrid trustworthy may be capable of switch the stunning game that normally flows across the Santiago Bernabeu for King Jose’s tactical and protecting master magnificence and a possible trophy cupboard fit to burst, we’re going to must see. The King has stated he wants to win the Champions League with a third team which would be a first, handiest three managers have managed it with two groups and Jose is one of those. Then he desires to move again to England.

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